Your vehicle’s brakes are imperative for safe driving, therefore any issues should be dealt with promptly to reduce risk of accident or further damage to the car’s components.

So, if your brakes are worn (e.g. squeaking or grinding noises, or a ‘spongy’ brake pedal) make sure to act fast and get booked in as soon as possible.

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We are known in the area for being “the go to garage for brakes”, see below the types of brake services we provide.

  • Anti-Lock Brake System
  • Brake Fluid Flushes
  • Brake Hoses
  • Brake Pad & Shoe Replacement
  • Caliper Replacement
  • Resurface Rotors

We also have knowledgeable mechanics who can repair your brakes efficiently.

We’re proud to offer quality workmanship on all the vehicles that pass through our garage.

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